The L.A. County Municipal Court, 1999
Oil on canvas
48 x 60 in.

12 Untitleds, 2000
Enamel on canvas
54 x 66 in.

LEFT: Abstract mapmaking to describe the world outside our human senses and how it comes into tangible form.

From chaos to design.
Our reality.

RIGHT: This is the from 'The Bumpies' series , which is my minimalist approach to showing layers of 'dermis' our psychology exhibits. Beneath the top veneer are unbeknownst shadow layers, which will poke, protrude and mysteriously make their presence known.

The separate canvases signifies the various identities we, or I myself hold as tools to withstand to modern living.

And please don't cry over spilt milk.

Abstract Approach to the Shadowed Self | Layout 15