Reaching for the Idea of the Larger Self or The Death of Georgia O’Keefe, 2002
Oil on canvas
24 x 24 in.

For as long as I can remember I have always wondered about the reason for 'WHY'? That question begets the pondering of everything in existence, including God. I wished I had a diagram in which upon viewing I would say, "Oh ok. I get it all now!"

Those diagrams are hard to come by, so I created my own.

Here, in this frame I tried to imagine a world possibly on a microscopic or a spiritual level that is happening outside our senses, yet is equally as valid as our reality. If not more influential, to the totality of the cosmos than the matrix we currently perceive.

After allowing myself to find this answered flow, I do not know if I got closer to my intention. In frustration, I simply thought, "Hmmm. Looks like I have taken a Georgia O'Keefe painting and threw it into a blender."

Wanna make the Universe laugh? Tell him your plans.
Or try to create a diagram.

Understanding the WHY: Exploring Existence and the Cosmos