Downhill Racer, 2020
Acrylic, enamel & resin on canvas
30 x 60 in.

Downhill Racer was created when the Covid pandemic began.

Like the athlete in the artwork, I felt prepared for the course ahead. Until the run was on its way.

A hard pebble, an incorrect foot placement or whatever, began the undoing of all my training. And as with most of us during this time, my life unravelled. It was time to surrender to the fall.

The yellow fade in the upper left hand corner was created to promote a foreground, like a blurred hand that was unknowingly covering the lens. Symbolically it represents a Force Majeur.

The painting consists of two canvases separated by a hard painted yellow line of the same color as the Force Majeur. It is a divorce, a separation from what was known into the unknown cold abyss.

It also divides the reality below from the Force Majeur above.

Downhill Racer: Life Unravelled During The Pandemic