Dark Underbelly of a Durica Painting or Emancipate! Tell Your Mother You Love Her and Mean It!, 2000
Oil, wood on canvas
60 x 48 in.

As with life... or icebergs, there are the things we can visibly see and then there is the complex world beneath our senses.

To simulate the intensity of the processing the psychological shadow, I painted an abstract vista on the reverse side of a large, primed canvas. Using color, space, line as symbols of emotions. This is the 'dark underbelly'.

And despite the darkness of the cosmos, one of the most profound forms of 'light' is the love exchanged between mother and child. This is a stepping stone in gaining mental stability as a human. Hence the title of telling your mother about your love for her, and meaning it.

Unlocking Emotional Processing: Navigating the Subconscious World