A Deal Gone Bad 2, 2023
Acrylic, enamel, aluminum, resin, foam on canvas
38 x 45 in.

This is the from the Bumpies series, which is my minimalist approach to showing layers of 'dermis' our psychology exhibits. Beneath the top veneer are unbeknownst shadow layers, which will poke, protrude and mysteriously make their presence known.

In A Deal Gone Bad 2, my sequel to the graphic portrait of A Deal Gone Bad, I use the abstract qualities of my Bumpies series to illustrate a new level of shadowplay coming from the depths of (my) being.

Following the Covid pandemic, I was sitting in a coffee shop as I often do, and overheard a conversation where two young women were describing how they felt some sort of PTSD from all that has transpired. I concurred. In addition, I felt that my mind has become increasingly negative and rampant in thought. More than any other moment in my life.

A Deal Gone Bad 2 not only describes the psychological fragmentation as the canvases are splitting from the 'shadows' poking up from underneath, but a black sludge now erupts forcing a confrontation with all that was unhealed.

Two bolts of yellow and orange sit atop, indicating the voltage of this sludge erupting from this breaking convex shape.

The symmetry and the balance is about to explode. Possibly to create a new Earth.

Exploring Psychology and Shadow Layers in the Bumpies Series