Follow 4 Follow, 2020
Acrylic, enamel, aluminum, wood on canvas
94 x 64 in.

This is the from the Bumpies series, which is my minimalist approach to showing layers of 'dermis' our psychology exhibits. Beneath the top veneer are unbeknownst shadow layers, which will poke, protrude and mysteriously make their presence known.

In Follow 4 Follow, despite the shadows poking up from the subconscious, the canvases have been bracketed to represent fracturing of the psyche, which is a survival mechanism and often found in post traumatic scenarios.

During various therapies, I have often corralled lost parts of my being to regain a sense of feeling whole.

The various media topically used in this piece represents 'seasons' in which there is birth and death. As different parts of life are faced, other parts within ourself indeed die off.

Exploring Shadow Layers and Post Traumatic Scenarios with a Minimalist Approach