Camera Obscura, 2020
Acrylic, enamel on canvas
42 x 62 in.

This painting consists of two soccer players on the field. The player in front is dribbling the ball while the defender behind is in pursuit. Both athletes are exhibited in negative while color spokes keep them in a karmic wheel. Endlessly on repeat.

This is the game of Life. And we are the players on this field.

This was also painted at the height of the Covid pandemic.

There are two triangles at the bottom indicating a downward direction that was believed to befell us all.

However, there is a royal blue painted stripe down the middle, flanked by light blue mark making on both sides. This shape is vaginal in nature indicating an opening into another life.

In the extreme foreground are free form, green blobs of color. They symbolize the virus under the microscope. And because it sits atop, almost covering the presentation, it demands the observer's iron-fisted attention.

This painting is about life and death. Playing to win or surviving when the rules of play have changed.

Life and Death: A Painting of Soccer Players & The Pandemic